4 Fun Ways to Upgrade Vanilla Ice Cream

What's better than homemade vanilla ice cream? Homemade vanilla ice cream with even more delicious ingredients thrown in. Here are four of our favorites.
ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is the purest expression of creamy, frozen deliciousness. This simple recipe is yummy as is, or it makes a great base for mix-ins if that’s more your speed.

Start here: Try Our Super-Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

Now switch it up!

1. Ultimate Chocolate Chip

When the ice cream is almost done churning, drizzle 3 oz. melted chocolate in a thin stream with the machine running. The result? The thinnest, crunchiest most delightful chocolate slivers.

2. Mint-Chocolate Candy

Mix 3/4 tsp. pure peppermint extract into the milk. When the ice cream is done churning, fold in a few handfuls of chopped mint-chocolate candies (such as Andes).

3. Jam-tastic!

For a picture-perfect swirl—like the one above—spread half the ice cream in a small baking dish, add a layer of jam, then top with the rest of the ice cream. Cover and freeze until firm. Scooping through the layers will create a swirl.

4. Lime in the Coconut

Mix 1 tsp. lime zest into the milk. When the ice cream is almost done churning, swirl in toasted coconut and caramel sauce. (Cocktail umbrella optional, but recommended.)