30-Minute Meals: Toasty Dishes

Get toasty! Each of these recipes involves toasting—rice, pasta or bread—which gives all the dishes a nutty undertone.
garlic toasts cannellini ragu crispy speck

Try our Garlic Toasts Topped with Cannellini Ragu & Crispy Speck

toasted penne alla vodka

Try our Toasted Penne alla Vodka

baked brioche shrimp toasts

Try our Baked Brioche Shrimp Toasts

toasted pumpernickle bagels radish schmear lox

Try our Toasted Pumpernickle Bagels with Radish Schmear & Lox

pimento cheese toasts bacon tomato

Try our Pimiento Cheese Toasts with Bacon & Tomato

toasted rice pilad saffron chorizo chickpeas

Try our Toasted Rice Pilaf with Saffron, Chorizo & Chickpeas

white toasts minty mashed peas scottadito lamb chops

Try our White Toasts with Minty Mashed Peas & Scottadito Lamb Chops

Skip the Syrup! These three savory takes on French toast make a satisfying supper.

savory french toast cherry tomato basil balsamic sauce

Try our Cherry Tomato, Basil & Balsamic Sauce French Toast

savory french toast mushrooms marsala mascarpone sauce

Try our Mushrooms, Marsala & Mascarpone Sauce French Toast

savory french toast simple creamed spinach

Try our Simple Creamed Spinach French Toast