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10 Warming Dinners Perfect for November Weeknights
With Thanksgiving around the corner and chilly evenings creeping up sooner than ever this time of year, save your planning and prepping for the main events and keep the weeknights in between easy as pie. Warm up your kitchen with 10 recipes that take advantage of in-season produce, and all come together in less than an hour! 
Sour Cherry & Ricotta Crostata
"The crostata is the quintessential Italian dessert. This particular crostata has its roots in Roman Jewish cooking. You can find the city's most famous version at the small bakery Boccione, as well as on the menus of restaurants in the Jewish ghetto. I love this dish so much that one of my favorite restaurants sets aside the best piece for me each time I dine there." —Kristina Gill, Rome-based food writer and photographer
Swiss Chard & Prosciutto Pie
"This is a classic during aperitivo hour in Reggio Emilia, just outside of Modena. We used to make it with the nonna of a good friend of mine who worked at Osteria Francescana restaurant with me on Sundays...usually the start of 4-hour lunches that moved into dinner time. Tanta tanta roba!"—Chef Stefano Secchi
Tuscan Bread & Tomato Soup
Cozy up with a Tuscan home cooking classic, topped with fresh basil and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil.
Crispy Eggplant Meatballs
"Eggplant polpette make a great appetizer because they are bite-size and can be eaten with your fingers. They look exactly like meatballs, and when the budget is tight, Calabrian cooks will simmer them, without the breadcrumb coating, in tomato sauce and serve with pasta as a second course. In parts of Calabria, cooks tuck a cube of caciocavallo cheese inside each meatball." —Rosetta Costantino, cookbook author @rosettacostantino
Pasta e Piselli (Pasta with Peas & Eggs)
Cook pasta like an Italian– from the sunny southern region of Campania, specifically!

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Grilled Pesto Wings

Walnuts, basil, and fresh grated Parm make these wings extra savory.