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Passionista Spritz
This refreshing drink, which gets its tang from passion fruit juice and lemon juice, comes from John Benevides, the bar manager at SRV in Boston.
Egg Katsu Sandwiches
This next-level breakfast sando was inspired by a collab between Cronut master Dominique Ansel and the fast-casual phenom Shake Shack.
Steak Katsu Sandwiches
Serve these breaded steak sandwiches with fries and some extra wasabi mayo for dipping.
Pork Katsu Sandwiches
Breaded pork + pickled onion + white sandwich bread = one delicious sando.
John's Cocktail: Spiced Mulled Wine with Oranges
This spiced wine cocktail from Rach's hubby, John, will warm you up this season.
John's Cocktail: The Pantheon
This Aperol cocktail from Rach's hubby, John, is just right for our special Italian issue!

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John's Cocktail: Fresh-Tomato Bloody Johnny
Ditch the Bloody Mary mix and make your own with cherry tomatoes with this recipe from Rach's husband, John Cusimano.
John's Cocktail: Jalapeño-Citrus Rickey
Rach's hubby, John, makes a mean cocktail! Try this spicy vodka drink for your next happy hour.