Canned monaco mai tai next to a tiki glass in front of tiki bar sign

DIY Your Own Tropical Paradise

A grander type of "Sunday Scaries" sets in as Labor Day approaches, so fend off that funky feeling and refuse to let go of summer with these refreshing-as-a-sea-breeze island-y products
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Cutwater Spirits Canned Pina Colada

Can of Cutwater Pina Colada

We know almost everyone likes drinking them, but do you like making pina colada? Nope! Blenders and sticky ingredients are a drag, plus all that constant going inside business to get refills can kill the best backyard vibes (which is probably why the cocktail is such an 'order-at-the-swim-up-bar' vacation drink!) But now with Cutwater's canned version of the classic ($14 for a 4-pack) and a little imagination, your yard can be transformed into a poolside paradise – even if it's the inflatable kiddie kind.

Graham & Brown Aquarium Deep Sea Wallpaper

Fish and tropical plant wallpaper behind a red sink and a starburst mirror

For those boldly committed to a tropical ambiance, Graham & Brown's Aquarium Deep Sea Wallpaper ($150 for a 32ft roll) boldly surrounds you with the mystery and glamour that lies beneath the ocean. Quirky yet sophisticated, the lush leaves and pops of colorful fish take you on a daily dive deep into an azure sea.

Rind Snacks

Woman wearing sweater holding package of Rind

Have your tropical fruit whenever you feel like it with these chewy and tangy dried fruit snacks from Rind. ($18.99 for a three-pack). Made from non-GMO orange, pineapple, and kiwi, sourced from small farms in California, the fruits are dried with their rinds on, preserving more vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. In addition, by using the whole fruit the company saved over 120,000 pounds of unnecessary food waste, so you'll not only feel good about what you're putting in your body but what you're not putting in the landfills.

Hibiscus Lime Psychedelic Water

Can of Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water will not only give you a taste of the tropics with its hibiscus-lime flavor ($33 for a 6-pack), this non-alcoholic canned beverage will have you feeling as chill as when you're sitting on the sand listening to gently rolling waves. Made with kava root extract (Fiji's national drink and a natural source of relaxation for the folks of the South Pacific), green tea, and damiana leaf extract (an herb once thought to be an aphrodisiac; now used to soothe the digestive system and calm nerves). Soon after drinking your tongue will tingle with the familiar kava side effect and the stress in your body will be taken down a notch, while you remain clear headed. Instant chill, no hangover.

Monaco Classic Mai Tai Craft Cocktail

Canned monaco mai tai next to a tiki glass in front of tiki bar sign

The Mai Tai is another classic tropical cocktail with a fussy enough prep to interrupt your chill time, but the brand new canned Classic Mai Tai from Monaco Craft Cocktail ($3 per can) makes imbibing easy. Created in a playful tiki bar style, this sweet and slightly fizzy version can be enjoyed straight from the can, though to conjure up the real magic, go ahead and pour it into a proper ice-filled tiki mug. (Don't forget your cocktail umbrella!) To find it near you, click here.

Pura Smart Home Diffuser and Volcano Fragrance

Volcano Air Diffuser Bottles with Pura diffuser

Whether you're in a sky high city building or landlocked in suburbia, you can still fill your home with the scents of a remote island wth Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser ($44) and Volcano fragrance ($16). Close your eyes and notes of citrus and sugar may have you believing you live in a house on stilts in an aquamarine sea.

Cutwater Spirits Bali Hai Tiki Monkey

Bottle of Cutwater Tiki Monkey

Almost like a Bailey's for the tropics, this creamy banana-chocolate-coffee spirit ($30) makes a great mixer for a frothy frozen concoction or any number of tiki-type drinks. Yet, it's also delicious on it's own over ice or better yet, over some ice cream. Do what you want, you're on island time. To find a bottle near you, click here.

Gilbert's Craft Sausages - Aloha Flavor

Gilberts Sausage package surrounded by open faced tacos

These chicken sausages ($6.50 for a 4-pack) from Gilberts Craft Sausages are a fun homage to the flavors of Hawaii. Made with pineapple, ginger and brown sugar they're a great addition to any backyard barbecue; served straight up on a bun or worked into any island-inspired recipe. Just cooking them up with your morning eggs takes your breakfast from oh-no to ono!

Cool Coffee Clique

Product shot of the mango and passion fruit hot teas

For fans of a hot beverage on a hot beach the Make a Mango Wild Tropical Mango Blend and Kiss Me Passionately Passion Fruit Paradise teas ($25 each or get the bundle of both, $50) from Cool Coffee Clique, adds that fruity punch to teatime. We loved them with sweetener and milk, but if the heat's getting to you, go ahead and put them over ice.

Nuun Energy Tablets

Nuun container surrounded by cut up tropical fruit

All this lolling on the beach, pool float, or your couch can zap you of some energy, but Nuun Energy ($8) tablets tropical flavor can help give you some pep to get back on track for the beach party. Or you can just pretend that you're harnessing the sun's energy while back to the grind at your office. Either way, the combo of ginseng, green tea, B vitamins and electrolytes will give you that extra boost for motivation.

Fruit Box

Close up of exotic fruits

Bring all the exotic fruits to your door with the Mystery Fruit Box ($90 for a small 7-9 lb box) from Full Moon Fruits, chock full of hard-to-get goodies like Caviar Limes, Baby Sour Mangoes, Lychee, Pink Guavas, and Mangosteens. Exploring the contents is like a mini vacation –– and educational too, as they include storing and eating guidelines for all. The bonus pack of dried fruit is a wonderful treat as well. There's nothing like eating fresh tropical fruit while in your bathing suit – even if you're in your living room while doing it.

Brew Free or Die Tropical IPA

Beer in glass behind can

The tropical fruit juice and hoppiness in the Brew Free or Die Tropical IPA from 21st Amendment Brewery results in a crisp and refreshing beer that's a sip of summer. With its lower ABV (6.8%), this is the official sipper of pools, beaches...or your bathtub. To find it near you, click here.