Koloa's line of rums and bottled cocktails lined up on a beach

Bring a Little Aloha Home

Just because you're riding out the summer somewhere less-than-tropical doesn't mean life should be drab. Just head out on your lanai, consider your fan a "tradewind generator" and capture the essence of Hawaii with these island-inspired goodies guaranteed to help you hang loose.
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Kōloa Rum

Koloa's rums and bottled cocktails lined up on the beach

Whether you're making Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiians, or other tiki-inspired drinks, keep it real with authentic Hawaiian rum. Kōloa Rum Company, the first licensed commercial distillery on Kauai uses cane sugar and mountain rainwater from the island so imbibers can literally get a taste of Hawaii. Their collection includes traditional white, gold, dark and spiced rums, flavors such as coconut and coffee, and pre-mixed bottled cocktails including Mai Tai, Rum Punch, and Pineapple passion. For more information on purchasing, click here (prices vary).

Hawaii Sugarcane Skewers With Prawns, Thai Sauce And Hokkaido Sweet Mochi Rice

Close up of skewered shrimp

Make it easy to give your next backyard gathering a Hawaiian flair with this kit from Honolulu Fish Company.  Complete with sustainably-grown Kauai prawns, mochi rice, Thai sweet chili sauce, Japanese salt made from seaweed and ocean water, and organic locally grown sugarcane skewers that are a fun, chewy treat in themselves.  Get it here ($145).

Maui Brewing Co Island Brewed Ales and Lagers

Maui Brewing Company beer lineup

Hawaii's largest craft brewery, Kihei's Maui Brewing Company is dedicated to only serving products they 100% love themselves.  You simply can't go wrong with beers like Big Swell IPA, Pineapple Mana Wheat, and Coconut Hiwa Porter (made with coconut and coffee!). With a commitment to the environment, spent grain is donated to local farmers for feed and compost thereby contributing to the local economy as well Click here for purchase information ($13 for a six-pack).

Honolulu Cookie Co Shortbread Cookies

Assortment of cookies in front of a pineapple and macadamia nuts

Shaped like a pineapple – the international symbol of hospitality – these shortbread cookies from Honolulu Cookie Co come in an array of flavors showcasing the archipelago's offerings including white chocolate mango, pineapple macadamia, guava, dark chocolate Kona coffee, and more. Close your eyes and these tiny delicacies will send you on a mini-vacation. Get them here (prices vary).

Cook Real Hawai'i Cookbook by Sheldon Simeon

Cook Real Hawaii book cover

In his new cookbook, third-generation Hawaiian resident of Filipino descent (a distinction from 'native Hawaiian' he's careful to point out), restauranteur, and two-time Top Chef finalist Sheldon Simeon celebrates the hodgepodge of cultures that make up modern Hawaiian food. Not just a listing of delicious recipes, the foods depicted represent him, his family, and his love for the islands and the cultures they encompass.  From pupus (appetizers) to malasadas (Portuguese donuts), Simeon covers the obvious (Spam musubi, poke, loco moco) to the more locally known like Hekka (a local take on sukiyaki) Laulau (cured pork and fish wrapped in taro leaves) and Saimin ( Hawaiian noodle soup). A true love letter to local cuisine, people, and traditions. Order here ($35).

Aloha Dress

This Red Scenic Aloha Dress ($21) from ABC Stores, Hawaii's most popular convenience shop, is the perfect easy-breezy outfit to capture the spirit of aloha and take it with you wherever you go. Whether running errands in the city or sipping a Lava Flow cocktail by the pool, you'll find yourself flashing the 'shaka' symbol to brighten everyone's day. Bonus: you can get matching sets for the entire family.

Cutwater Spirits Tiki Rum Mai Tai

Can of Cutwater Tiki Rum Mai Tai

Though delicious, Hawaii's signature cocktail with its unique ingredients (I mean...who has orgeat syrup on hand?!) is juuust on the side of being difficult to make that the average imbiber may not bother.  So Cutwater Spirits solved the problem by pre-mixing and putting in a can to create their Bali Hai Tiki Rum Mai Tai ($15 for a four-pack), so you can transport yourself to the islands each time you crack one open.  

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee

Coffee mug and packaged coffees

Some say Kona coffee is the best in the world, with beans grown in volcanic soil in the consistent microclimate on the western side of the Big Island. After carefully curating trees and soil with the care of an old-world winemaker, Hula Daddy Kona Coffee has gone on to become one of the most awarded coffees in the already celebrated region. This husband and wife team takes pride in their eco-friendly plantation that incorporates practices like collecting restaurant waste to turn into compost and sun-drying their beans to avoid using petroleum energy. You may think you've had Kona coffee, but in fact, 100% Kona is hard to find. Labels such as "Kona style," and "Kona roast," are most likely sourced elsewhere and packages only need 10% Kona to qualify as a "Kona blend." True Kona coffee is rare and production is labor-intensive, resulting in higher prices and hopefully more incentive to slow down and savor this special treat. Order here ($46-$50 for a half-pound bag).

Noh Foods Hawaiian Luau Kit

open luau kit box with it's contents

In Polynesian culture, a luau is a celebratory feast consisting of traditional foods, music, and dance. Though the Island's actual feasts have evolved to reflect the diversity of culture that now makes up Hawaii, many still think of the classics when they hear the term. The 60-year-old Hawaiian company Noh Foods has compiled a Luau Kit for 4 ($25) containing everything you need (save for the fresh meat and fish) to make dishes such as Hawaiian style poke, Lomi Lomi salmon, Kalua pork, coconut pudding and Hawaiian iced tea.

Mauna Loa Macadamia Milk Ice Cream

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Milk Ice Cream Lineup

Mauna Loa is a global leader in the macadamia nut game. This non-dairy dessert made from our 50th state's beloved nut is creamy and light, leaving you refreshed and not bloated like dairy ice cream can. Flavors include vanilla orchid, mango lilikoi (mango and passionfruit), Kona coffee, and Rocky Road to Hana (chocolate, vegan marshmallows, and macadamias), and are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Pick up a few at your local grocery ($10 per pint) or create your own six pint Paradise Pack for delivery.

Kona Spiked Island Seltzers

Four people toasting with different cans of Kona Spiked Island Seltzer

The Kona Brewing Company has sprinkled some Aloha over the spiked seltzer game. Light, tasty and refreshing, they include local flavors such as Hawaii's iconic POG (passionfruit-orange-guava), starfruit lime, and tropical punch. I mean, how can you go wrong with a real adult Hawaiian punch (that, at 5% ABV, doesn't knock you out)?! Liquid Aloha, indeed. For information on where to buy, click here ($25 for a 12-pack).