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Grilled Tuna Puttanesca Panzanella

"This dish is a combo of three of my favorite things: grilled tuna, bread salad, and spicy puttanesca (aka streetwalker sauce)." —Rach

Niçoise-Style Tuna Casserole

"Tuna casserole is a favorite of mine even though I didn't grow up with it. This Mediterranean take on the dish, based on the classic French Niçoise salad, is one I think even my Sicilian grandpa would have loved." —Rachael Ray

Spicy Tuna Summer Roll

Spicy tuna and fresh, cool vegetables wrapped up in one rice paper round.

Mediterranean Niçoise Salad

We're fans of tuna packed in olive oil, which comes in tins and jars, and has a richer flavor and meatier texture.

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Japanese Crispy Tuna Steaks with Stir-Fried Green Beans

When I bread tuna or swordfish, I never flour or egg the fish since it has enough moisture to attach to the crumbs naturally.

Tuna & White Bean Crostini

This protein-packed crostini app will keep your guests satisfied 'til dinner.