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Braised Leeks with Tarragon
Want to transform leeks? Braise them. As the stalks simmer, they get soft and silky and the oniony flavor mellows into a savory sweetness. They're great with chicken or fish, or chop them up and stir into scrambled eggs before cooking.
Cucumber-Lime Granita with Vanilla Ice Cream & Tarragon
Enjoy this classic Italian treat with vanilla ice cream and fresh tarragon leaves for a real treat.
Spring Greens Soup
Leeks, romaine, peas, and tarragon combine for the greenest soup you've ever seen.
Baked Eggs with Tarragon Cream
Craving creamy, cheesy eggs? Crack open a few yolks over a baked blend of parmesan, heavy cream, and sweet-and-savory spices—it won't disappoint.
Lemon & Tarragon Chicken Salad Rolls
This light and bright chicken salad will wake up any lazy summer afternoon.

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Naomi Pomeroy's Fingerling Potatoes with Tarragon & Chive Butter
These six-ingredient potatoes might seem fancy, but they're surprisingly easy to make!