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Buffalo-Style Blue Cheese Burgers with Sour Cream & Celery Root Slaw
"What warms you up more than buffalo-style anything? Here's my buffalo burger, made with beef instead of chicken—and plenty of blue cheese!" —Rachael Ray
Ginger-Garlic Glazed Almost-Anything Oven Packet with Lettuce or Cabbage Slaw
Salmon, chicken, pork, shrimp—pick your protein and make these no-fuss foil or parchment pouch meals.
Fried Shrimp with Iceberg Slaw
Crispy fried shrimp and crunchy, cool slaw are meant to be.
Gochujang Pork Chops with Red Cabbage, Cashew & Mint Slaw
"Gochujang has a great balance of sweet and spicy. It's delicious with ginger, garlic, scallions, and leeks. And lime, lime, lime!" –Rach
Burger of the Month: Korean BBQ Burgers
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These burgers require lots of chopping, but they are so worth it, especially if you love Korean BBQ. They capture many of the key ingredients: chile paste, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame, all balanced with sweetness from honey and brown sugar. Yum!
Rachael Ray's Quick BBQ Pulled-Chicken Sandwiches
This shortcut sandwich—another great use of coleslaw mix and rotisserie chicken—never gets old.

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Raw Beet Slaw with Lemon-Dill Ricotta
Beets are often served cooked, but did you know that if you cut them thinly, they’re delicious raw? Stir a few ingredients into some ricotta, artfully spread it on a platter, top with those beets—and you’re done!
Bok Choy & Scallion Slaw
Think outside the box when it comes to grilled vegetables. This crowd-pleasing side packs a ton of flavor and is super easy to make.