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Spam Musubirthday Cake

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If you like your savory with a little sweet, dig into this artful party food based on a Hawaiian classic.

Citrus-Soy-Sriracha Broiled Shrimp

The speediest of all oven methods, broiling is basically just grilling done upside down! Use it to get smaller cuts of meat and veggies charred, smoky, and full of big flavor. But watch closely: Because of the intense direct heat, it’s easy to go from browned to burnt fast!

Moules Marinières

Mussels are a very affordable seafood option and they cook really quickly. Once you add them to the sauce, they’re ready in less than 10 minutes. Talk about fast food!

Grilled Tuna Puttanesca Panzanella

"This dish is a combo of three of my favorite things: grilled tuna, bread salad, and spicy puttanesca (aka streetwalker sauce)." —Rach

Tinned-Seafood Platter with Garlic Mayo

Big crowd? Keep the holiday appetizer simple with fancy canned seafood, an easy dip, and your favorite crackers.

More Seafood

Fried Shrimp with Iceberg Slaw

Crispy fried shrimp and crunchy, cool slaw are meant to be.