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Spam Musubirthday Cake
Rating: Unrated
If you like your savory with a little sweet, dig into this artful party food based on a Hawaiian classic.
Kimchi-Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)
Add crispy nori for a savory topper to this lunch-or-dinner dish.
Rachael Ray's Chicken & Japanese Eggplant Curry
"Some curry blends can include as many as 20 ingredients, but Japanese-style curry is much simpler and soooo tasty." —Rach
Crispy Corn Chip Chicken & Rice
Chicken and rice just got way less basic—and way more delicious.
Crispy Rice & Pork Salad
Crispy cooked rice will transform your salads.

More Rice

Indian Spiced Cauliflower with Peas, Peppers & Basmati Rice
"Ground spices are delicious once the heat hits them, but you'll enjoy another layer of nutty flavor if you toast whole spices and seeds first and then grind them yourself." —Rachael Ray
Chile-Glazed Rotisserie Chicken Rice Bowl
Bowls are great for mixing and picking. They're even better when they're on the dinner table in under half an hour.