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Pumpkin Ravioli with Butter & Sage Sauce
Turn pumpkin pie filling into a delicious savory pasta.
Pumpkin Soup with Coconut & Curry
The most delicious use for that can of pumpkin puree in the back of your cabinet. (Yes, that one.)
Chai-Spiced Pie Shake
This shake is great made with pumpkin or apple pie.
Sky-High Pumpkin Crepe Cake with Orange Cream
This centerpiece dessert requires some time and patience, but it’s a beauty: 24 crepes layered with a fluffy orange filling and topped with a pile of candied orange zest. Plus, it makes an awesome post-Thanksgiving breakfast.
Rachael Ray's Quick Pumpkin Mac & Cheese
For mac and cheese that’s as easy to make as the stuff in the blue box (but much better for you), try this sweet add-in that kids love: canned pumpkin puree!

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