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Citrus-Soy-Sriracha Broiled Shrimp
The speediest of all oven methods, broiling is basically just grilling done upside down! Use it to get smaller cuts of meat and veggies charred, smoky, and full of big flavor. But watch closely: Because of the intense direct heat, it’s easy to go from browned to burnt fast!
Blood Orange Chicken
Vibrant blood oranges make this simple dish dinner party-worthy.
Beet Rosti
Grab beets, orange zest, and a few other ingredients to make this quick and colorful holiday side.
Southern Sparkling Punch
Pro tip: Rinse your glass with sweet vermouth before pouring in the drink to add another layer of flavor to the finished cocktail.
John's Cocktail: Harvest Moon
"Rachael loves the song 'Harvest Moon' by Neil Young. Hopefully she'll love this cocktail just as much." –John Cusimano
Oranges & Crunchy Caramel Fruit Salad
Sweet and sour with a nice crunch—there's nothing not to like about this colorful dessert!

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Gingerbread Pancakes
Gingerbread is just as good in pancake form—and perfect with a cup of coffee on a holiday morning!
Hasselback Beets with Shallot & Orange Butter
Lighten up your dinner and brighten up your holiday table with this colorful veggie side.

Orange Margarita Gelatin Wedges

These sunny shots are guaranteed to get the party going.