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Rach's 3 Minute Meal: Cubano Omelet
"I love a meaty, cheesy, tangy Cuban sandwich. In this riff on the classic, I skipped the bread and stuffed the filling inside an omelet instead." —Rach
Kimchi & Cheese Omelet with Soy Sauce & Mushrooms
Creamy, melty mozz and tangy, funky kimchi combine for a surprisingly delicious omelet.
Veggie Egg Foo Yong
"How does a fried omelet with gravy on top sound? Get hooked on this easy Chinese-American dish from back in the day." –Rach
Spring Baked Omelet with Garam Masala
Serve this delicious spring omelet with garlic naan—griddled and brushed with melted butter—and mango chutney and Greek yogurt for dipping the bread.

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