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Grilled Hearts of Palm with Tapenade
The tapenade you'll want to spread onto everything this summer.
Filthy Martini
"This martini has got umami—and lots of it. It will chill you out, warm you up, and satisfy you with a little snack.” —John
Spaghetti with Lamb & Olive Ragu
Looks and tastes fancy. Only takes 30 minutes to make.
Caponata Pizza
The traditional veggie-packed Sicilian dish tastes even better atop fluffy dough and melty cheese.
Roasted Monkfish with Picadillo Sauce
Can't find monkfish? Any whitefish (or even a salmon fillet) would be great here.
Spaghetti Squash with Olives & Goat Cheese
A sprinkle of goat cheese and fresh parsley adds creamy freshness to this veggie-packed dish.

More Olives

Tilapia Fajitas with Chimichurri & Saffron Rice with Olives
"This is the lightest fish taco recipe I've ever made—hope you love it as much as I do." –Rach
Pork Chops with Blood Oranges, Fennel & Olives
When blood oranges are in season, look for fruit that feels firm and heavy (read: juicy).

Chicken with Chorizo & Olives

"This is a fabulous, potluck-friendly dish. Or just slap these babies on some bread for an awesome sandwich!" — Rachael Ray