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Rach's 3 Minute Meal: Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon-Maple Dressing
Finally, a 3 Minute Meal that’s not an egg or a quesadilla! This hearty salad hits all the right notes: savory, sweet, bacony—and super fast.
Marissa Allen's Brown-Butter Maple Pecan Cookies
Marissa Allen, co-owner of Cookie Society, shares her recipe for nutty maple pecan cookies with brown butter.
Maple-Bourbon Peach French Toast
Sauté peaches in maple syrup for a perfectly peachy addition to this breakfast classic.
Maple-Ginger Glazed Carrots
Cooking carrots on the stovetop instead of roasting them in the oven saves times—and frees up room for the turkey.
Buckwheat Buttermilk Flapjacks with Maple Bourbon Butter
Flapjacks topped with a delicious dose of maple bourbon butter might be the best Saturday breakfast imaginable.

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