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Crabby Jalapeño-Popper Mac
"If you love jalapeño poppers and/or crab rangoon, this recipe is for you!" —Rachael Ray
"Chili mixed with pasta and topped with cheese? It's never a hard sell—and it'll bring a sell-out crowd to the table!" —Rachael Ray
Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese
Warning: Once you try this three-cheese trifecta, boxed mac-and-cheese simply won't cut it anymore!
Rachael Ray's Quick Pumpkin Mac & Cheese
For mac and cheese that’s as easy to make as the stuff in the blue box (but much better for you), try this sweet add-in that kids love: canned pumpkin puree!
Baked Gnocchi Mac & Cheese
Marry two Italian comfort-food classics to make this delicious gnocchi-mac mashup.
Rachael Ray's Cacio e Pepe Mac 'n' Cheese with Chard
I use two kinds of peppercorns in this cacio e pepe. The black ones are tingly and strong, and the citrusy pink ones balance the creamy cheese sauce. I throw in some chard so the cook (um, me) doesn’t have to make a salad, too.

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Pimento Cheese & Chorizo Mac
“This Spanish American twist on classic mac ’n’ cheese tastes like pimento cheese spread wrapped up in macaroni rather than bread. If you can’t find piquillo peppers, pimientos are delicious, too.” —Rachael Ray
Brussels and Three-Cheese Pasta Bake
Here's a brussels sprouts recipe your kids will actually *want* to eat.