Ice Cream

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Baked Apple Sundae
Who needs ice cream cones when you have apples?
Brown Butter-Pecan Ice Cream
Whole pieces of leftover pecan pie get folded into this sweet treat.
Cherry-Almond Ice Cream
Let the kids help turn a regular pint of vanilla into a cherry-almond treat. Mix, freeze, serve!
Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream
Why "dirty"? Because brown sugar gives the ice cream a light-brown tint and the mint leaves aren't strained out. Sandwich the ice cream between chocolate cookies for an even sweet treat.

More Ice Cream

Cucumber-Lime Granita with Vanilla Ice Cream & Tarragon
Enjoy this classic Italian treat with vanilla ice cream and fresh tarragon leaves for a real treat.
Roasted Blood Orange Sorbet
Broiling the oranges gives the sorbet a deep caramelized flavor.