Holiday 2020 Issue

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Rachael Ray's Spaghetti with Fennel & Onion Sauce
A simple onion-y sauce makes this spaghetti spectacular.
Rachael Ray's Agrodolce Clams with Red Sauce
"Linguine con vongole, or 'with clams,' is one of John's faves. I make it often in the summer, but to warm it up for winter I add another layer of flavor and serve this version." —Rach
Rachael Ray's Seafood Newburg
This rich sauce is perfectly balanced by fresh, light seafood.
Rach's 3 Minute Meal: Cubano Omelet
"I love a meaty, cheesy, tangy Cuban sandwich. In this riff on the classic, I skipped the bread and stuffed the filling inside an omelet instead." —Rach

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Rachael Ray's Chicken & Japanese Eggplant Curry
"Some curry blends can include as many as 20 ingredients, but Japanese-style curry is much simpler and soooo tasty." —Rach
Rachael Ray's Pork Piccata
"As far as simple sauces go, it doesn't get simpler—or more delicious—than lemon, butter, and white wine!" —Rach

Creamy Swiss Chard Soup

The veggie soup gets topped with beet chips for an extra health boost.