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Candy Corn-Striped Gelatin Cups
We think we like this more than candy corn, honestly.
Cobweb Chocolate Cake
Melted marshmallows become eerie cobwebs.
Caramel Apple Notchos
Dessert nachos = the best nachos.
Witches' Pop
Toss together this easy mix for a party-ready Halloween snack.
Jack-o'-Lantern Cookies
Sandwich these cute cookies with hazelnut spread for a Halloween-ready treat.

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Mummy Hand Pies
These little pies are more treat than trick—and that's how we like it!
DIY Candy Corn
When you're at the grocery store, pick up some plastic gloves. They'll make it easy to knead the dough without ending up with food-coloring-stained hands. To make fun shapes (like the skulls, below), you can buy cheap plastic candy molds at craft stores.