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Brie & Blackberry-Shallot Jam Bites
Phyllo is fun and sooo convenient—the little cups come ready to bake, which means zero fuss. Just fill 'em and pop 'em in the oven (then into your mouth).
Grilled Antipasti Wreath
"People do love their antipasti wreaths. Jeanette Donnarumma on our show is obsessed with what she can create out of salumi and pickled peppers, and she has taught me the wonder of it. It takes time and patience (more than I have, usually) but it's fun for the whole family- to make and eat!" -Rach
Asian Arancini
Classic Italian arancini are made with short-grain rice, such as arborio. Japanese sushi rice works well, too!
Crunchy Winter Fruit Salsa
Want to make this ahead? Go for it, but don't add the pears or apples until just before serving to keep them crisp and prevent browning.
Turkey-Miso Meatballs with Cranberry-Ginger Sauce
Serve with skewers and garnish with sesame seeds. White sesame seeds work equally well here. Try the toasted variety for an added flavor boost.
Grapefruit & Whipped Honey-Ricotta Crostini
Citrus is a great mate for ricotta's richness. Try this same combo with pomelos or oranges.

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Pumpkin Shooters with Gorgonzola Grilled Cheese
These adorable, dip-able mini grilled cheese sandwiches feature Gorgonzola, but your favorite blue cheese of choice works, too!
Cannoli Brownies
Holy cannoli! Dare we say these brownies taste even better than the filled shells? (And they're so much easier to make!)
Itty Bitty Babkas

Nutty, slightly bitter tahini (sesame seed paste) keeps these little pastries from getting too sweet.