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Quick-Pickled Peaches
Serve with grilled pork chops, or just eat as is!
Buffalo Chicken Summer Rolls
Traditionally Vietnamese, summer rolls are wrapped in translucent paper, a healthier (and prettier!) alternative to doughy fried spring rolls.
Pesto & Salmon Pasta
Get into the groove: Curvy, short-cut pasta (such as this campanelle) traps pesto perfectly.
Spiced Overnight Oats with Pistachios & Dried Fruit
To make a nut-free take on this recipe, simply sub oat milk for almond milk and leave out the pistachios.
Turkish Fried Eggs with Pickled Onion
A staple in the Middle East, labneh is yogurt that's strained to be as thick as cream cheese.

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Bacon-Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins
Not all pre-made puff pastry is created equal. For best flavor, look for brands—such as Dufour and Trader Joe's—that use all butter!
Brie & Blackberry-Shallot Jam Bites
Phyllo is fun and sooo convenient—the little cups come ready to bake, which means zero fuss. Just fill 'em and pop 'em in the oven (then into your mouth).
Grapefruit & Whipped Honey-Ricotta Crostini

Citrus is a great mate for ricotta's richness. Try this same combo with pomelos or oranges.