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Yellow Curry with Shrimp & Sweet Potatoes
Also great with this sauce: grilled chicken breasts or vegetable skewers.
Herby Peruvian Green Sauce with Roast Chicken
Easily upgrade your chicken with this tasty sauce. Also great with it: fish tacos or beef skewers.
Creamed Leeks & Pesto'd Greens with Steak & Baked Potatoes
This veggie-packed sauce will add color and flavor to your dinner plate. Also great with the sauce: salmon or chicken breasts.
Muhammara Sauce with Cauliflower Steaks
Muhammara is a Middle Eastern red pepper dip. Also great with this sauce: grilled lamb chops or pasta.
Coconut Colada BBQ Sauce with Pork Chops & Plantains
This tropical sauce makes weeknight dinners so much better. Also try it with: chicken thighs or shrimp.
Curried Beef & Red Lentil Soup
Beef isn't just for burgers! Turn it into a sweet and spicy curried soup.

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Roasted Eggplant with Beef & Tahini Sauce
Tahini sauce adds a savory nuttiness to this inventive weeknight dinner.
Chipotle Beef & Chickpea Tacos with Pico de Gallo
Chipotles in adobo add major flavor to these tacos without loads of effort.

Green Curry Fried Rice

Whether you're a vegetarian or just feelin' a meatless meal, this coconut-y curry rice is sure to hit the spot—especially if you're a fan of Thai-inspired cuisine!