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Thai Chili-Glazed Cedar-Plank Salmon
Why the plank? A smoldering cedar board imparts a warm, smoky flavor and retains the salmon's juiciness.
Flank Steak with Charred Scallion & Furikake Butter
Furikake is an essential Japanese seasoning that comes in endless variations, but the flavors usually lean salty, earthy and nutty.
Kimchi-Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)
Add crispy nori for a savory topper to this lunch-or-dinner dish.
Pappardelle Boscaiola (Woodsman-Style Pasta)
This tomato sauce with mushrooms hits all the hearty, savory notes. It’s a porcini mushroom lover’s perfect meal—no experience as a woodsman necessary.
Five-Spice Chicken with Beans
When we’re upstate, I dream of New York City takeout. The solution? Get better at making my own, like this riff on one of our delivery faves.
'Nduja Pasta alla Vodka
This is a smoky, sexy, spicy update on a favorite dish: pasta with vodka cream sauce.

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Moules Marinières
Mussels are a very affordable seafood option and they cook really quickly. Once you add them to the sauce, they’re ready in less than 10 minutes. Talk about fast food!
Quick Green Chili with Quesadilla Top
This is a super-fast shortcut to New Mexican or Colorado-style green chili.