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Deviled Corn Chowder
"Corn is almost gone for the year and it's cooling down outside—perfect timing for a spicy corn chowder that can make you break into a hot sweat." —Rachael Ray
Spicy Pesto Pasta with Sweet Corn & Zucchini
"This dish has it all: It's bright, bold, colorful, spicy, sweet—and sexy to twirl." —Rach
Corny Cacio e Pepe
Creamy, cheesy cacio e pepe gets a summery spin with the addition of fresh corn and basil.
Thai Shrimp & Corn Chowder
Get the best of summer's lot in a warm, flavorful soup.
Chipotle Corn 'N' Chops
If you're looking for milder flavor (or cooking for kids), Rach suggests going with chipotle Tabasco instead of chipotles in adobo.
Breakfast Polenta Bowl
Rating: Unrated 1
The poached egg on top of this hearty breakfast bowl is like the cherry atop a sundae—but better.

More Corn

Spaghetti with Pancetta & Creamed Corn
As if pancetta and creamed corn weren't good enough, Rach added our favorite carb: spaghetti!
Chicken In Queso Nachos or Hard-Shell Tacos
Nachos for dinner! Or if you're a purist, you can stuff everything into taco shells.
Corn-Saffron Soup

A healthy pinch of saffron bumps up the flavor—and color—of this sunny soup.