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Shortcut Chocolate-Mint Cookies
Cookied out? Dip store-bought cookies into chocolate and peppermint for a festive, no-bake holiday dessert.
Marissa Allen's Brown-Butter Maple Pecan Cookies
Marissa Allen, co-owner of Cookie Society, shares her recipe for nutty maple pecan cookies with brown butter.
Marissa Allen's Toffee Shortbread
This is Cookie Society co-owner Marissa Allen's go-to shortbread recipe, but with toffee pieces thrown in. She likes to roll the dough into logs and store it in the freezer. Let it warm up on the counter for about an hour, then slice and bake!
Marissa Allen's Butterscotch Cookie Bars
Marissa Allen, co-owner of Cookie Society bakery, shares her recipe for these thick, chewy holiday treats.
Double-Chocolate Cookies
These cookies are a triple threat: chocolaty, chewy, and gluten-free.

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Chetna Makan's Cardamom & Clove Gingerbread People
Chetna Makan of Great British Baking Show shares one of her family's go-to cookie recipes for the holidays.
Chetna Makan's Giant Candy-Packed Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pack all your favorite candy—M&Ms, Sno-Caps, candy canes, and more—into these cookies for a colorful, festive dessert.

Your All-Purpose Pantry Cookies

You can have homemade cookies any time just by raiding your pantry and larder. Use this easy cookie base recipe and customize it with whatever you have on hand: dried fruit, nuts, chopped candy bars, and even crushed chips and pretzels! Or all of the above! Now, where's the milk?