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Millionaire's Shortbread with Raspberry Ganache
Layered shortbread, caramel, and raspberry ganache are a summery spin on a fan favorite.
Oranges & Crunchy Caramel Fruit Salad
Sweet and sour with a nice crunch—there's nothing not to like about this colorful dessert!
Mini Caramel-Apple Crostatas with Halvah Crumb Topping
Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, and sweet all around—these holiday desserts are surefire crowd-pleasers.
DIY Salted Caramel Sauce
This recipe is so much better than anything in a jar.
Black Pepper Caramel & Cashew Popcorn
Throw in a handful of red, white and blue M&M’s candies to serve this sweet-and-salty snack mix on the Fourth of July.
Spiked Caramel Sippers
Warm up on a cold day with a caramel treat.

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