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Tagliatelle with Fava Beans & Herbs
"My favorite four letters for spring into summer? Easy. No, not that word! It's F-A-V-A!" —Rach
Bacon, Beans & Greens Soup with Tomato
"When I'm fighting a cold, John makes greens-and-beans soup, a childhood fave that my mom used to make." —Rach
Warm White Bean & Kale Salad
The pancetta is optional, so you can make this meatless if you wish!
Ditalini with Greens, Beans & Sausage
With cannellini beans, broccolini, and plenty of veggies, this one-pan meal checks all the boxes.

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Hoisin & Yuzu Edamame
Love the edamame you get at your local sushi joint? This version takes the simple app up a notch—or three. You can find edamame in the frozen veggie section.