Rachael Ray's Hanger Steaks with Celery, Fennel & Mushroom Salad

If it’s 80 degrees or cooler, I take my cast-iron skillet outside and use it on the grill. If it’s hotter than 85 degrees, forget it! You’ll find me in the kitchen with the AC cranking.
hanger steaks celery fennel mushroom salad

Recipe by Rachael Ray

  • 4Servings


  • 1 1/2 to 2 lb. hanger steak, vein removed, cut into 4 pieces

  • Kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper

  • Olive oil, about 1 tbsp.

  • 2 lemons, halved

  • 1 lb. cremini mushrooms, stemmed and wiped clean

  • 1/2 small to medium red onion, halved lengthwise

  • 2 tbsp. fresh thyme leaves, chopped

  • 6 stalks celery (from the heart) with leafy tops, thinly sliced on an angle

  • 1/2 bulb fennel—quartered, cored, and thinly sliced on an angle

  • 1 cup (packed) fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves (about 1 bunch)

  • About 2 oz. Parmigiano- Reggiano, shaved with a vegetable peeler (about 3/4 cup)

  • About 3 tbsp. EVOO


1. Using a meat mallet, pound the steaks to an even thickness of about 1/2 inch. (A few strokes should do the job.)

2. Let the steaks come to room temperature. Heat a large cast-iron skillet, griddle, or grill over medium-high to high. Season the steaks liberally with kosher salt and pepper from above, like rain. Drizzle the steaks with olive oil. Cook until browned, about 4 minutes. Turn and cook to desired doneness, 3 minutes more for rare, a minute longer for medium, and 2 minutes more for medium-well. Place 1 lemon half, cut-side down, in the skillet. Cook until caramelized, about 2 minutes. Transfer the steaks and lemon half to a cutting board and let rest while you make the salad.

3. Thinly slice the mushrooms and onion; mix together in a shallow dish. Drizzle with the juice of the remaining 3 lemon halves (about 6 tbsp.). Add the thyme; season liberally. Let stand for 15 minutes. Toss with the celery, fennel, parsley, Parm, and EVOO; season.

4. Slice the steaks against grain. Douse with the juice of the grilled lemon half. Serve the steaks with lots of the salad.