Southern Sparkling Punch

Pro tip: Rinse your glass with sweet vermouth before pouring in the drink to add another layer of flavor to the finished cocktail.
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southern sparkling punch

Recipe by Renae E. Wilson

This recipe originally appeared in our Holiday 2020 issue. Get the magazine here.

Start to Finish: 5 minutes

Servings: Makes 1


  • Red (sweet) vermouth
  • 1 oz. bourbon
  • 1 oz. Southern Comfort
  • 1 oz. cranberry juice
  • 1/2 oz. fresh orange juice
  • 1/2 oz. maraschino cherry juice
  • Sparkling apple cider
  • 3 dashes bitters
  • Maraschino cherry and orange twist, for garnish


Add a splash of sweet vermouth to a short glass. Swirl to coat; pour out excess. In cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake bourbon, Southern Comfort, cranberry juice, orange juice, and cherry juice. Fill glass with ice. Strain drink into glass, then top with sparkling cider and bitters; garnish. Makes 1.