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Mary Giuliani's Morning-After-Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese
Pull out the cranberry sauce, turkey, and Brie, and enjoy this post-turkey day sandwich.
Roast Turkey with Porchetta-Spice Butter
The fennel, garlic, and herb butter rubbed over the turkey are inspired by the flavors in porchetta, the classic Italian pork roast.
Hoisin Turkey Meatball Subs
Pro tip: Make a double batch of the pickled carrots to toss into green salads or use as a garnish for fish tacos.
Herb Butter Turkey with Quick Pan Gravy
A fresh turkey and a simple herb butter are the keys to this speedy bird.

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The 4-Day Dry-Brined Turkey
Why so long? The multiday dry brine (rubbing the bird with salt) gives the seasoning enough time to penetrate the meat for ultimate flavor and juiciness.
Antoni Porowski's Thanksgiving Leftovers Poutine
Turn Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey and veggies into a savory, starchy poutine (fries topped with cheese curds and gravy!)