Italian Gin & Tonic

When life gives you limoncello, drink it!
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Recipe by Alexa Weibel

Start to Finish: 10 minutes

Servings: 4


  • 6 oz. limoncello (lemon liqueur)

  • 4 oz. gin

  • 10 oz. tonic

  • 6 oz. dry lemon soda (such as San Pellegrino Limonata)

  • ice

  • 4 lemon twists


Divide limoncello and gin among 4 glasses. Top with tonic and lemon soda. Stir gently, then fill glasses with ice. Garnish with lemon twists. 

Tip: Italian limoncello made from leon zest, sugar, and alcohol isn't just for sipping. Drizzle it over sorbet, or whisk it with some powdered sugar for an easy glaze.