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Lamb Flatbreads with Cranberry Chutney
Turn cranberries into leftovers or just give them a spin with this sweet and savory app.
Antoni Porowski's Thanksgiving Leftovers Poutine
Turn Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey and veggies into a savory, starchy poutine (fries topped with cheese curds and gravy!)
Jerk Sweet Potatoes
Five spices give this side dish a kick.
Aarón Sánchez's Chorizo & Cornbread Stuffing
Sweet corn and spicy chorizo make this side dish taste like a deconstructed tamale.
Persian-Style Roast Turkey with Pomegranate-Walnut Gravy
A spiced pomegranate glaze gives this Thanksgiving bird a beautiful lacquered look.
Domino Potatoes
These Insta-worthy potatoes serve four people, so they're great if you're hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner. Better yet, you can make them year-round! If using a food processor to slice the potatoes, press gently on the feed tube to cut thinner slices of potato.

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Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes
Olive oil mashed potatoes are smooth, creamy, and rich enough that no one will ever miss the dairy.
Sticky Toffee Bundt with Cran Caramel
If you have pie fatigue, may we suggest a Bundt? It’s cakey and cute and perfect for a crowd. This one has a warm, fall-friendly flavor and a cranberry-caramel sauce that you’re going to want to drizzle over pretty much everything. Black Friday waffles, here we come!

Mushroom & Red Rice Stuffing with Roasted Carrots

This gluten-free dish is a great stand-in for your classic carby Thanksgiving stuffing.