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Juicy Fruit

These sweet and savory recipes are filled with delicious flavors, but it’s the berries that steal the show.

Chicken Salad with Fennel & Favas

If you want a vegetarian version of this salad, use 6 portobellos or a grilled plant-based chicken substitute.

Bucatini all'Amatriciana with Spring Peas

"This sauce gets its pumped-up flavors from semi-dried tomatoes, sun-dried tomato paste, sweet vermouth, and spicy Calabrian chile paste." —Rach

Thai Chili-Glazed Cedar-Plank Salmon

Why the plank? A smoldering cedar board imparts a warm, smoky flavor and retains the salmon's juiciness.

More Recipes

Steak Niçoise Salad

"This one's for my sister, Maria, who loves French cuisine but will not eat fish: a tuna Niçoise minus the tuna!" —Rach

Rach's 30 Minute Meals for Summer

Veggies are shooting up and baseball season is in full swing. (Go, Red Sox!) Here are some easy ideas packed with all that fresh goodness as warmer weather and better times arrive.

Millionaire's Shortbread with Raspberry Ganache

Layered shortbread, caramel, and raspberry ganache are a summery spin on a fan favorite.