You've Gotta Try These Insane Savory Donuts

And you thought sweet spheres of fried dough were pretty much nirvana. Wait until you see how some of your other favorite foods take shape as the donut trend comes full circle. We’ll take a dozen of each!
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sushi donut

Sushi Donut

Wasabi Sushi PDX, Portland, OR

With its colorful pinwheel of sliced raw fish and avocado, this riff—molded with sushi rice stuffed with crab salad or spicy tuna—is a convenient (and pretty neat) way to get your sushi fix.

Spaghetti Donut

Pop Pasta, Brooklyn, NY

For Pop Pasta’s tasty gimmick, spaghetti and sauce (try the carbonara) is baked in a donut-shaped mold. The hand-held carbs are a hot item at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s traveling open-air food market. Just follow the hipsters and you’ll find your new favorite lunch.

bellybomb_sequencecreid-Kelsey Lee Photography

Mac & Cheese Donut

Glam Doll Donuts, Minneapolis, MN

Move over, blue box! There’s a new cheesy macaroni in town! This spot serves up a donut-shaped version that’s had a dip in the deep fryer to become crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

Puesto Filet Mignon Lobster Taco Donut courtesy PUESTO and CARMELLE PINA

Taco Donut

Puesto, Irvine, CA

Grab some napkins! Upscale Mexican spot Puesto has created a messy mashup. Filet mignon, coated in melted cheese and formed into a donut shape, is laid over a bed of blue corn tortillas. Avocado and lobster go on top for a “donut” that reads more as super-fancy nachos.