Wrap your birthday or holiday gifts with a twist.


Pouf Positive

Loop a mesh bath sponge around satin ribbon.

wrapping presents pouf

Cook's Tour

Tie a box with cooking twine and attach measuring spoons and a sea-salt sachet.

Skipping Point

On a kid's gift, use a jump rope instead of ribbon.

wrapping presents the skipping point

Animal Attraction

Tie a box with a dog leash and attach a pet ID tag.

wrapping paper

Freeze Frame

Thread velvet ribbon through a mini photo frame to make an ornament.

Head Case

Pull fabric headbands around a present and clip hoop earrings to the center.

wrapping presents headcase

Knot for Nothing

Put a necktie on a box and secure with a tie clip.

wrapping presents knot

Word Play

Attach a small reading light and a silver bookmark to a wrapped book.

wrapping present word

Friendly Skies

Wrap a present with bungee cord and use a luggage tag as the card.

wrapping presents friendly skies