The CNN anchor gives Rach a tour of the other situation room: his Maryland kitchen.

Wolf Blitzer

Rachael Ray: I'm so thrilled to talk with you, Wolf. You may not know this, but I'm CNN-obsessed. It's always on in my office and at home keeping me company. But before I get to the hard questions, what's with all the Wolfs in your fridge?

Wolf Blitzer: Thanks, Rachael. The little pictures are actually bookmarks that I sign and hand out to fans I meet. My wife, Lynn, thought it would be funny to stick them in there.

RR: That's fabulous. Now, I have a beef to bring up: You use the prechopped, jarred garlic, and I find that it tastes quite bitter. Is there a reason you choose that over fresh garlic?

WB: I will raise that issue with Lynn, who does most of the cooking around these parts. I'm not a big garlic guy myself.

RR: I've got a theory that you think you don't like garlic because you're using the jarred stuff. Try the fresh cloves -- plus, it looks very cool if a man chops his own garlic. So how often are you home for dinner? Every time I turn on CNN, you're on air!

WB: I'm home most nights because I tape The Situation Room in Washington, D.C., just a few miles from my house. I used to be gone a lot more when I was a White House correspondent and was traveling with President Clinton. And during the first Gulf War, I was always on assignment someplace, so Lynn ate a lot of dinners alone. She's been married to a journalist for 36 years, so she understands the lifestyle.

RR: Have you ever cooked for her?

WB: Yes, but not recently. I used to barbecue a lot and I'd throw on chicken, hamburgers or steaks. These days my main responsibility is to brew the coffee for her in the morning.

RR: My husband makes our coffee, too, because I'm terrible at it. You seem to have an enormous amount of fresh fruit and produce in your fridge. Is it always this well-balanced?

WB: You wouldn't have seen all this stuff in here 10 or 20 years ago, but we've begun to appreciate the health aspects of fresh, organic food. Now, instead of grabbing potato chips, I snack on fruits like berries, cantaloupe and watermelon.

RR: Do you have any food phobias?

WB: Yes, octopus and squid. Everybody loves calamari, but I always pass on it. There aren't a lot of foods that freak me out, but those crazy tentacles make me squirm.

RR: It's a little too 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for you, gotcha! So let's say you're having a dinner party: After meeting so many fascinating people, who would you invite and why?

WB: The Obama clan would be at the top of my list. They seem like such a great family to spend time with. I'd also invite my daughter and her husband, and we'd have a great little dinner.