Five practical items that will let you and your pup enjoy the outdoors all season long

Weather outside looking a little frightful? Don't let below-freezing temperatures stop you and your pooch from enjoying the great outdoors. The right winter pet gear can enhance any outdoor adventure and keep your dog safe. Whether you're going for a neighborhood walk or hitting the mountains for a more rugged romp in the snow, here are five practical items that will help make this season's excursions more enjoyable.



Snowy climates are tough on your pup's paws. Salt and de-icing chemicals can cause burns, and snow and ice can create painful ice balls between the toes. A good pair of waterproof, windproof, and breathable boots designed to hold up to winter endurance sports will keep paws dry and warm, even in the harshest conditions. Ruffwear's Polar Trex Boots feature a Vibram sole that adds traction on ice, and the softshell fabric insulates against the cold. A pullover gaiter helps keep snow out, too, thanks to the cinching closure system that secures around the narrowest part of a dog's leg.

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Like humans, dogs can experience sunburn, panni, cataracts, and other damaging eye conditions. Goggles will protect your pooch's eyes from debris, sand, and punctures from sticks and thorns. Eye protection is especially important for dogs who spend a lot of time at altitude or in blinding snow conditions. RexSpecs come in a variety of sizes to fit dogs from Dachshunds to Great Danes.

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Gold Paw Portland Pullover


On chilly morning walks or day hikes, the Portland Pullover from Gold Paw will keep your dog toasty and dry. The hybrid jacket, made in the U.S., combines a waterproof and dirt-repellent softshell on the back with a velvety-soft fleece on the belly and neck for ultimate warmth.

The machine-washable garment is designed using recycled materials and created in a Bluesign-certified mill, which ensures the textile supply chain produces a non-toxic, sustainable product.

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Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket


When the temps dip, this quilted poly-fill Kurgo Loft Jacket will be a staple winter item for any dog. The reversible coat is made from ripstop nylon that holds up to regular use throughout the winter. The velcro belly strap makes it easy to put on and take off and creates a snug fit for maximum insulation. The two-way zipper creates easy leash access to a harness and/or collar, which is especially helpful in frigid temps when you don't want to fumble around with numb fingers.

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Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO


The Finnish maker of high-quality dog gear recently released its first jacket made from recycled materials. The Rain Blocker ECO repurposes water bottles into a high-performing raincoat that won't let a little inclement weather keep you from your usual adventures.

The jacket provides full coverage from wet weather and mud thanks to the front leg sleeves. A flexible collar rain trap prevents water from seeping inside the coat along the dog's neck. Tightening straps and the back-length adjustment ensure a proper fit while still remaining easy to put on and take off.

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