Wine Openers

No more yanking (or spilling)! Uncork your bottle like a pro with one of these top bar tools.
wine openers

1) Pedrini Wine & Bar 8-Inch Corkscrew
UPSIDE Inexpensive; sharp spiral for easier piercing; double wing levers for good leverage; nonslip coating; dishwasher-safe.
DOWNSIDE Bulky; no foil cutter; requires moderate arm strength to operate; cork can be difficult to remove from spiral.

2) Cork Pops Fashion Animal Double-Lever Corkscrew
UPSIDE Compact and portable; available in eight animal prints; adjustable, tight-gripping, double-jointed arm for good leverage.
DOWNSIDE Takes practice and significant arm strength to operate; pullout knifestyle foil cutter requires more skill and effort to use than round cutters.

3) Oster Electric Wine Opener
UPSIDE Inexpensive for an electric opener; soft-grip handle; zero-effort cork removal; extra-long spiral removes even the longest corks.
DOWNSIDE Loud; heavier and much larger than manual openers; requires battery recharging.

4) Screwpull by Le Creuset Classic Table Model Corkscrew
UPSIDE Very light and compact; extra-long spiral removes even the longest corks; simple and sleek allblack design.
DOWNSIDE Somewhat flimsy plastic construction; no foil cutter; requires moderate arm strength to operate.

5) BonJour Lever Wine Opener
UPSIDE Sturdy and durable stainless steel construction; removes corks very quickly with minimal effort; includes one replacement spiral.
DOWNSIDE Expensive; bulky; heavy.