Throw this wine and cheese party for six friends -- just $10 a person!


Wine and cheese are a perfect pair except for one catch: Together, they can cost you a fortune. Problem solved with this get-together. We've turned inexpensive supermarket cheese into four tasty appetizers -- and found budget-friendly wines to match. Best of all, these recipes are so easy, they won't cost you much time either.




tips + how-tos


It's a Stretch

Maximize a supermarket bouquet by dividing the stems among a few old wine bottles.

Soft Serve

Use cloth napkins -- you won't have to keep buying paper, and they help dress up the party.

Tap In

Skip pricey bottled water and serve tap instead: Add ice, orange slices and a rosemary sprig.


1. Chardonnay

A chardonnay from outside the U.S. can be a great, tasty deal, like Banrock Station Chardonnay 2006 (Australia, $5)

2. Shiraz

These spicy reds give you bang for the buck, and stand up to the Goat Cheese Truffles, like Alice White Shiraz 2006 (Australia, $7)

3. Rosé

Pink wines are often a steal -- and a great match for the Fried Cheese Bundles, like Marqués de Cáceres Rosé 2006 (Spain, $8)

4. Red Table Wine

Try a fruity red from Portugal, one of the world's best regions for affordable wine, like Altano Douro 2005 (Portugal, $7)

5. Box Wine

Save big and serve a trendy box wine, like Trove ($22 for 3 liters, 888-659-7900 for stores).