Sneak a peek inside Whoopi Goldberg’s refrigerator.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
Whoopi Goldberg

Rachael first whooped it up with the Oscar winner and Strong Medicine producer in the Live with Regis and Kelly set kitchen. Here, Rachael gets Whoopi to open up -- and reveal the contents of her New York City fridge.

Q: Hey Whoopi, where's the f-o-o-d? I see no groceries to be cooked -- no chicken breasts, no broccoli. Are you an all eat-out, take-out kind of gal?

A: I'm what you'd call a meal-to-meal person. Who can think about what they're going to eat a week from now?

Q: What's all that stuff wrapped up in the paper?

A: My next meal. Wonderful prosciutto balls and rice balls from Faicco's Pork Shop and great cheese from Murray's Cheese Shop.

Q: I see Yoo-hoo -- is that for you, or who? I keep Yoo-hoo on hand for when my 13-year-old niece, Jess, visits. Who do you "hoo" with?

A: I keep the Yoo-hoo for my better half. I like to keep 'em sugared up.

Q: It looks like you have my two favorite food groups: sliced salami and cheese. When it comes to snacks, I'm all about salt and fat. How about you?

A: That's my M.O., as you can tell by looking at my backside.

Q: What do you think your fridge says about you?

A: I'm easy ... easy like Sunday morning.