Sweet & Smoky Ribs


When it comes to barbecue, restaurateur, cookbook author and barbecue business consultant Amy Mills Tunnicliffe knows a thing or two. She's a third-generation pit master whose father, Mike Mills, is barbecue royalty. When the father-daughter duo competes in barbecue challenges across the country, they go back to basics, using the original pit that they've cooked in for more than 20 years, starting the ribs process at 4 a.m. on the day of judging and remaining patient.

This weekend, be your own pit master with Amy's Sweet & Smoky Ribs. They'll cook low and slow for 2 hours, so they won't rob your entire weekend but will be a nice Saturday night treat. And here's an inside tip: Spritzing your ribs with apple juice while you're cooking adds a layer of flavor and extra moisture. Yum-O!

Get the full recipe here.

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