Because it's Wednesday and it's 5 o'clock.

We polled staffers about what they're pouring right now (some of them right this minute). As you might expect, quite a few of us are on team #yeswayrose, but there are also some less expected picks, including a cheap (but delicious) Hungarian wine and a "spa water" mocktail. 

"On summer-feeling nights I'm drinking this $12 rose that is magic: 2016 Chateau de l'Aumerade "Cuvée Marie-Christine" Rosé Cru Classé. On the springy ones, this 2006 Chateau Machorre Bordeaux. I got a bunch for under $10 a pop from" - Lauren Iannotti, Editor in Chief 

"I just got my second bottle of Edna Valley Rosé and I'm loving it." - Sophia Caraballo, Editorial Associate

"Laurent Miquel Pere et Fils Rose is a great, cheap bottle of rose. You can find it for $9.99 at Whole Foods and I've also seen it at some other wine stores. I've noticed It usually sells out pretty quickly." - Charles Grayauskie, Test Kitchen Associate

"I recently discovered this California winery called Tank Garage, which, yes, used to be a car service station. They make beautiful wines and I love the labels (am I allowed to say that?). Stars Like Ours is this season's rose and it's a winner that's worth the $22 price tag." - Geraldine Campbell, Executive Editor

"I'm currently obsessed with Casa Mariol Vermut, a black vermouth from Spain. It's a perfect spring drink—it's only 15% alcohol, is lazily prepared (mixed with seltzer and served over ice) and tastes like an adult version of cherry Coke! Not to mention the fact that it comes in a cool bottle—which I've reused for transporting large-batch cocktails to the beach, picnics and other get-togethers!" - Alexa Weibel, Senior Food Editor

"I am obsessed with the Hungarian Tokaji Furmint Evolucio. I buy it at my local wine shop, where it's sold in the "recession concession" section where all wines are under $10." - Janet McCracken

"I've gotten into the habit of making "spa water" with cucumber, ginger & lemon." - Mary Cahill, Photo Director

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Credit: Woodford Reserve via Instagram

"I'm drinking Woodford Reserve Double-Oaked Bourbon! #TRUTH." - Tara Holland, Food Editorial Assistant

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