Whether it's a single cabinet or a whole closet, make your dry goods storage work harder with these ideas.

pantry organization with numbers
Photography by Kritsada Panichgul
| Credit: Photography by Kritsada Panichgul

1. Divide And Conquer

For easy access and a visually clean look, try filing cutting boards and flat serving pieces vertically. Use wooden or acrylic shelf dividers to separate groups of similar items.

2. Shelf-Contained

Decant snacks and other loose staples into airtight containers for max freshness. Don't go overboard with a label maker. Just stick on reusable chalkboard labels to log important info like expiration dates.

3. Book Smarts

Take stock of your cookbooks and pare down. Keep favorites close at hand and organize by spine color, cuisine type, or author's name.

4. Location, Location

Trays protect shelves from spills and are great for a small back stock of oils, sauces, and condiments. Place what you use most within arm's reach. Reserve top spots for appliances or household goods like paper towels.

5. Store More

Plenty of fruits and veggies can be stowed at room temp. Relocate produce like apples, pears, potatoes, and avocados to prevent fridge overcrowding. Other heavier items like bottled drinks are also best kept on the low.