Venus Williams

The tennis pro serves up healthful fare from the family fridge.
Venus Williams

Rachael Ray: In addition to being one of the world's most amazing tennis players -- congrats on winning Wimbledon, by the way -- you have an interior-design business. Is this your dream kitchen, then?

Venus Williams: No -- well, I like this kitchen, but I'll probably get my dream kitchen if I get married and build a house. Serena and I have lived here for seven years, and we're too busy to move! So until I get married, I'm living here.

RR: Are you getting married anytime in the near future?

VW: I'm 27 -- I think that's still too young. I figure I'll wait until I'm 30.

RR: So, who does all the cooking?

VW: Serena does. She'll cook chicken or fish or sometimes gumbo, and I just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

RR: Nice.

VW: But every now and then, I'll cook something, like a roast. That's my leg of lamb marinating in the fridge.

RR: You have a ton of turkey hot dogs -- and I hear you have one of those old-fashioned hot-dog turner things.

VW: We bought the hot-dog turner for football season last year -- Serena always wanted one, so we had people over for the playoffs and made popcorn and hot dogs.

RR: That's awesome. It sounds like you entertain a lot. Who's your dream dinner guest?

VW: I'd invite my favorite band, 311. I'd cook the guys whatever they wanted -- no matter what!

RR: You know, we see a lot of celeb fridges packed with water bottles, but I think you guys take the cake.

VW: Yeah, we don't drink anything really besides water ... or Gatorade, since we're constantly at practice. Sometimes, we'll drink orange juice, but we’re pretty strict on the water thing.

RR: What do you think of all those fancy new vitamin waters?.

VW: I like VitaminWater -- especially the purple ones

RR: And what about the Lactaid? Do you guys prefer that over regular old milk?

VW: We keep that for guests who can't tolerate regular milk.

RR: I'm jealous of your friends. They have a pretty good deal when they come over.

VW: Yeah, we try to think about others.


1. What did Venus Study in College?

A. Nutrition

B. Fashion

C. Engineering

2. What famous band does Venus want to invite over for dinner?

A. U2

B. The B-52's

C. 311

3. How old was Venus when she went pro?

A. 14

B. 15

C. 16

Answers: 1. B 2. C 3. A