Music icons, presidents, sports cars and more: The U.S. Postal Service definitely has a knack for grabbing our attention (and educating us!) when it comes to their stamps. With the growing interest in the restaurant industry, food-consciousness and the term, "foodie," it can only be expected that the newest stamps will echo the American trend. Starting on September 26th, you'll be able to stamp your envelope with one of the five faces of the original "celebrity chefs," who are men and women the USPS has dubbed as aspirational, yet approachable as they introduced American palates to new and different flavors from all over the world and fed our passion for cooking.


Who can you expect to see greeting you on that love letter or party invite?

James Beard, an advocate of local ingredients, after whom the James Beard Foundation was established to help promote excellence in the food and beverage industry.

Julia Child, the leading lady in French cuisine who demystified recipes and gave us the confidence to create them in our own kitchens with the help of her television shows and cookbooks.

Edna Lewis was also known as "The Grande Dame of Southern Cooking" due to her efforts to bring Southern cuisine to the forefront of American cuisine.

Joyce Chen, helped introduce Chinese food to American palates through restaurants, cookbooks and even a PBS television show.

Felipe Rojas-Lombardi is to thank for small plates since he introduced this traditionally Spanish tapas concept to American restaurants as well as Caribbean and South American food in general.

Wouldn't it be cool to see our very own Rachael Ray's face on a stamp one day?

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