We'd all love to have Marie Kondo's level of organization in our kitchens, but a trip to the Container Store or storage shopping spree on Amazon can add up pretty quickly. Save yourself some cash and use these six unexpected and inexpensive tools to organize your kitchen from top to bottom.

Photography by Sarah Pflug
| Credit: Photography by Sarah Pflug


These utilitarian hooks were designed to hang electrical cords and welding cables to keep factory floors clear, but they can also be a handy and inexpensive organizer for your kitchen. You can snag 'em for about 50 cents each at your neighborhood hardware store. Hang S-hooks from a tension rod to store pots and pans, or go for a more vintage look by dangling them from a ladder. You can also use them to display coffee or tea mugs, giving you more cupboard space.


You might only associate pegboards with a place to organize work tools in the garage, but they work wonders in the kitchen, too. Put one up on the wall to hang pots, pans, utensils, or even fresh herbs in pots so you can grab a quick handful as you prep dinner. This storage solution is especially great for rentals—no need to worry about losing that security deposit installing tons of hooks! 

Tension rods

Tension rods are inexpensive, easy to install, and completely versatile for kitchen storage. Use one below the sink to hang up cleaning supplies, spray bottles, and scrub brushes, or hang one in the pantry to create some organization for your spices and dried goods. You can also install parallel rows of tension rods inside a cabinet to separate cookie sheets, pots, and pan lids.


Key racks

Don't limit these nifty hooks to just the front door! They can also be used to clear the clutter out of your kitchen drawers. Install a key rack or two inside a cabinet door to store measuring cups and spoons, or hang one or two near your workspace to keep things like ladles, spatulas, and tongs easily accessible while you're cooking. Never dig through dark, jumbled drawers to find the ½ teaspoon while your pot boils over again. 

Magazine holders

Catch all those miscellaneous items in the kitchen or pantry with a sturdy magazine holder. Nail or screw one onto the inside of a kitchen cabinet door to store aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper. Stick one on the counter to keep all your cutting boards in one spot. If your freezer's gotten out of control, lay a couple of holders down flat and stick bags of frozen fruits and veggies inside. Same goes for your pantry: Keep like items together in magazine holders, or use them to prevent your canned goods from taking up lots of space (or from rolling behind a box of cereal, never to be seen again). 


Sugru is a moldable, grown-up version of Play-Doh that sets into a glue after about 30 minutes of shaping and smoothing. Sugru will permanently stay in shape and remain bonded to whatever material it's attached to for years. Plus, it's waterproof, making it perfect for wet environments like the kitchen.

So, what can this magic material do to help you get organized in the kitchen? Just about anything. Shape it into hooks to stick on your backsplash or walls for kitchen utensils or colanders. Use it to hang additional shelving or storage racks anywhere in the kitchen—without a drill or hammer. Use it to attach magnets to the undersides of (shelves, where you can then hang metal items. (Just make sure if you're hanging knives it's a safe location.)