We love this chocolaty treat.


Each month, Rachael Ray Every Day staffers try hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of new food products (it's research, people!) in hopes of determining the best of the bunch for our monthly Checkout column. The problem? We never have enough room in the mag for all the products we love from the taste test. Introducing: Food Fave, a new web column where we'll show a little extra love to our editors' favorite new food and bev picks. Check back every week for your grocery store aisle inspo!

This Week's Food Fave: Undercover Quinoa

Credit: Courtesy of Undercover Quinoa

The first consensus our staffers came to? This stuff is addicting (we can totally eat the bag in one sitting). The second? The name—Undercover Quinoa—is verrrry fitting. Most of us would not have guessed it was quinoa giving this chocolatey treat its crunch. Plus, we loved that the bag has fewer than ten ingredients—and all of them are pronounceable. Overall, it's a no-guilt, chocolaty treat that makes a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Here's what our staffers had to say:

"It must be called 'Undercover Quinoa' because I would have no idea this is quinoa if I hadn't read the label. It might as well be a Nestle Crunch candy bar, but without the guilt! It's definitely up there on my list of favorite sweet snacks."—Hope Tierney, lifestyle intern

"When I was a kid, I'd rifle through my Halloween haul and snag all the Hershey's Krackel bars for my private stash (my dad has a sweet tooth and was known to raid my candy every so often). Now that I'm a grown-up, my tastes have changed slightly, but I'm still a sucker for a crunchy, chocolatey treats. Dark Chocolate Undercover Quinoa—which is like a grown-up Krackel bar— hits that sweet spot (pun very much intended). Now I just have to make sure my dad doesn't get a hold of it."—Nina Elder, executive food editor

Flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate + Blueberries, Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate + Seeds, and Milk Chocolate + Currants

Price: $39.99 for 5 bags on Amazon.