These too-cute-for-words chalks come in shapes like donuts, pizza, sushi, and unicorn horns!

I am the proud aunt to four nephews and one niece—which means that between birthdays and holidays, I seem to be perpetually shopping for someone. But while my default is books and I am always happy to gift "Where the Wild Things Are," "Goodnight Moon," and most recently "Spy Camp," books are not always the most exciting present to open. Yes, they get plenty of play. Yes, I know my nephews and nieces love them. But, there's something about a light saber, say, or a pink and purple unicorn that you can bedazzle that feels a little bit more special.

So I'm always looking for kid gifts that will feel awesome to unwrap, but don't make the parents cringe. (My niece, by the way, loved her gem-studded My Little Pony so much that my sister forgave me.)

If you are in a similar situation, allow me to introduce you to Twee

Credit: Courtesy of Twee

The brainchild of Philadelphia artist and pre-school teacher Kate Leibrand, Twee is a line of too-cute-for-words sidewalk chalk in shapes like donuts, pizza, sushi, and—wait for it—unicorn horns!

Credit: Courtesy of Twee

Even better, the chalks are designed specifically with tiny hands in mind, so your favorite little one can easily get a grip and focus on creating magical things. Because, honestly, what wouldn't be magical when it's drawn with a unicorn horn?

The newest releases are pizza chalk (yes!) and narwhal horns (basically unicorn horns in blue, silver, and white), but our favorite of the bunch might be the sushi kit. 

Credit: Courtesy of Twee

How adorable are these? At $22 for a set of 10, they won't break the bank. And you may want to get some for yourself. Just sayin'. 

Your turn: What's your go-to gift for kids?