Trisha Yearwood

The country music star and cookbook author spills the beans on her life at home with Garth -- and their love of one-pot meals.
Trisha Yearwood

Rachael Ray: Hey, Trisha! I know you tour a lot, but when you're at home, what items are always stocked in your refrigerator?

Trisha Yearwood: I'm a big water person, so there's lots of bottled water. I don't care for soft drinks, but my fridge is full of soda because my husband [Garth Brooks] is a Dr Pepper freak. When I'm home in Nashville, I'm usually working in the recording studio, so I like things that are easy and quick, like fresh cherries when they're in season.

RR: I love cherries, too. My mom once broke her tooth on one, and that still hasn't stopped her from eating them. So, does Garth ever cook for you?

TY: Yes, he's a good cook -- but he's a morning man. He makes a breakfast bowl of scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon, sausage, cheese and sometimes Tater Tots or tortellini. I know it sounds crazy, but it's really good.

RR: I think that's fun! It's no crazier than making a frittata or an omelet for breakfast.

TY: Yeah, it's really nice to get up in the morning because the house already smells so good. My dad made big breakfasts for us when we were young, so it reminds me of him.

RR: What are some of Garth's all-time favorite recipes from your Southern-style cookbook?

TY: My German chocolate cake is his number-one request. I make that for his birthday every year. I even put it in the fridge the night before so he can wake up to a big ol' piece of cake. Sometimes he eats it and then goes back to bed!

RR: On John's birthday this year, he had a cannoli for breakfast -- they're not that different! I see a lot of covered dishes in the fridge. What's a common leftover at your place?

TY: Well, "leftovers" is sort of a loose term in our house because there's not usually much left over. Right now there's a blackberry cobbler and a chicken, broccoli, cheese and rice casserole that I made in there. We're big on casseroles because we like having our meal in one dish.

RR: Yeah, well, since Garth's the breakfast-bowl man, I bet you guys are really into casseroles. Now, if you could have anyone over for supper, living or dead, who would it be?

TY: I'd love to have dinner with Elvis. I wrote him a letter when I was 5, asking him to marry me, and he didn't write back, so I'm still pining over that one. Plus, I know he'd love my cooking.

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1. What's the name of Trisha's cookbook?

A. The Southern Belle's Baking Book

B. Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen

C. Trisha's Treats

2. If Trisha could have anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

A. Ben Stiller

B. America Ferrera

C. Elvis Presley

3. Trisha loves poker -- who taught her how to play?

A. Paula Abdul

B. Reba McEntire

C. Garth Brooks

Answers: 1. B 2. C 3. B